• Plain English Writing to Write Clearly and Concisely

  • Here are some plain English writing tips to help you write more clearly and concisely:

    Identify Your Audience

    Think about why the reader wants to read your writing. Also identify people who will be interested in your writing, even if they are not directly affected. Write to everyone who is interested. And keep in mind your average readers’ level of understanding and comprehension.

    Write in Active Voice

    Voice is the form a verb takes to indicate whether its subject acts or is acted upon. When the subject of a verb does something (acts), the verb is in the active voice. You can clearly see such methods at coolessay. When the subject of a verb receives the action (is acted upon), the verb is in the passive voice. Because the active voice emphasizes the doer of an action, it is usually briefer, clearer, and more emphatic than the passive voice. Whenever possible, use active voice in your writings.

    Keep It Short

    You will communicate more clearly if you keep sentences short. Aim for an average sentence length of 20 words, with no one sentence running over 40 words. Cover only one subject in each paragraph, and keep paragraphs under 10 or 12 lines.

    Use Personal Pronouns

    Help users picture themselves in the text. Pronouns help readers relate better. When you address the reader as “you”, he or she feels directly addressed. Your writing will have a greater impact on the readers.

    Write in Visually Appealing Style

    With visual layout, you draw your readers’ attention to information they need to know. You will help your reader by making the main points readily apparent and grouping related items together like writemypaper4me review do. Use visually appealing presentation and your readers will be more likely to understand you writing.

    Steps to make your writing visually appealing include:

    • Use lots of informative headings: Make sure each heading has enough information to help your reader understand the content of the paragraph or section.
    • Write short sections and paragraphs: Short sections and paragraphs break up the material into easily understood segments. They also look easier to read and understand.
    • Use vertical lists: Vertical lists highlight a series of items in a visually clear way. Use vertical lists to help your readers focus on important material.

    Do Not Be Wordy

    Eliminate needless words. Excess or elaborate words make your writing weak.

    Useful information: